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Together, we exclusively build ResearchKit apps, and have deep, extensive experience in building health applications. We have an award-winning history building apps that put power in patients hands.

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Put the Power in Patients' Hands

Recruit, consent, and gather data. Right from their hands.

Move thousands from App Store to Enrollment

People around the world can see your study in the app store, determine if they are eligible, consent, and begin providing data to your study. All while waiting for their latte.

Harness the Power of Apple's ResearchKit

Enroll from the App Store

Users will discover your app in the ResearchKit and health sections of the App Store, opening you to thousands of new enrollees.

In-App Eligiblity Screener

Have users answer questions to determine their eligibility for the study before enrolling them.

Informed Consent and Signature

Have people read your informed consent document and sign their agreement. Optionally, quiz people for their understanding.

Gather data from iPhone's Health Sensors

Using Apple's HealthKit, data from other health apps like weight, steps, and heartbeat, can enter into your study.

Recurring and New Surveys

Users are prompted to complete surveys and rewarded for completion.

Have users perform active tasks

Perform tests on user's hand-eye coordination, voice, gait, or any other task the iphone sensors can help test.

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